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3 Google Adwords updates you need to know about

Google recently announced that mobile search volumes have overtaken desktop search traffic in ten countries.

The search market is changing, and that’s motivated the tech giant to make a number of changes to its paid search platform, AdWords.

Here are the three main updates anyone managing a Google PPC campaign needs to know about.

1. New ad formats

Google is offering one new and two improved mobile ad formats.

Automotive ads are a new ad format for car manufacturers and automotive dealers. The new ads will include a picture carousel, information on car specs like horsepower, and nearby dealer listings.

Hotel ads have already been available for some users, but will now be rolled out globally. The new mobile ad formats provide an immersive experience for travellers, offering pictures, ratings, current prices, and a handy ‘book now’ option.

Shopping ads were already adopted last year by the introduction of the mobile carousel and local inventory ads.The new mobile shopping ads will have an expandable product part containing product details, sales outlets, reviews, and pricing.

2. Dynamic Search Ads overhaul

Dynamic Search Ads were introduced by Google Adwords some time ago to help businesses take advantage of search queries beyond their keyword lists.

This ad type targets searchers based on the content of your website, and optimises the ads and landing page accordingly.

This tool hasn’t been used much yet, but as Larry Kim founder of Wordstream suggested last year after Google Adwords ditched the exact keyword match type, we are moving towards a ‘keywordless’ world.

Here’s what’s new:

  • Instead of you deciding which web pages suit which searches, Google now crawls your website and organises pages into recommended categories for easier targeting.
  • Every website category will show an estimated cost per click, which is based on existing stats from similar queries.
  • To provide more transparency, Google Adwords will show you a selection of sample ads for every category, along with the optimised ad headline and landing page.

The updates will roll out globally within the next months.

3. Auto-resize in Global Display Network

Google Adwords offers an extraordinarily large pool of display partners in their networks on a variety of devices. There are more than 50 different image ad sizes, which means a lot of artwork is necessary to reach all customers across devices.

From now on, Google will automatically resize image ads from three base sizes, which will cover 95% of the placements in the Global Display Network. This new Google service does not only save time, but will help marketers to reach a larger customer base.

There are a various other improvements that have or will be made to Google Adwords over the coming months, but I have only covered the most relevant for businesses who manage their own ad campaigns.

If you want more information about AdWords updates, or need help managing your paid search campaigns, get in touch with us on 0191 640 2700 or hello@flow.co.uk for a chat.

Ian Ferguson
Ian Ferguson

Ian graduated university with a degree in Business and Marketing Management and has worked in the digital marketing world ever since. After spending 3 years in Yorkshire. Ian firmly believes that in order to achieve maximum success, an integrated approach to Digital Marketing is vital and uses his knowledge of SEO, PPC Advertising and Social Media Management to accomplish client goals. Ian is also Google Adwords Certified.

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