Facebook Management

Your users have distinct personalities and we'll use Facebook to understand their interests, tailor ads for them and maximise ROI.

Facebook at a Glance

Facebook is widely regarded as the most powerful social networking tool to driving engagement and growth for your brand. In today’s climate, Facebook is the key to toppling your competitors. If used correctly, it is a crucial piece of the puzzle to improve your online presence.

  • Worldwide, there are over 2 billion monthly users of Facebook
  • More than 1.15 billion daily mobile active users
  • Five new Facebook profiles are created every second

Find your customers online

Whoever they are, your customers are on social media, looking at platforms such as Facebook for inspiration. Facebook is clever and knows a lot about your audience; every post, reaction, like and share, feeds into Facebook’s algorithm to profile and segment its users. This information can then be used to target your ads to the correct people.

We will analyse your customer database and identify those who are most likely to look to your brand. From this, we will personalise ads with the aim to attract your targeted customers, sharing your services and brand with those who are interested. The Facebook ads are measurable, manageable and will provide maximum ROI.


Facebook Management for SEO and Conversions

At Flow, we’ll raise your online profile using the power of Facebook, attracting more visitors and driving revenue. We’ll create a campaign that reaches the people in your industry and provides you with a bigger and better platform to share your message. However, we won’t take the control out of your hands. We can look after all aspects of your page, or even help out with the paid side – it’s up to you. This is your brand, and we welcome your input for every Facebook campaign.

Whatever your business needs, we will strive to showcase your services and aim to position your brand as the leader in your industry. Just remember, FLO:

  • Fan Engagement
  • Learning about the Community
  • Organisation Goals

If you need help with Facebook management and would like to speak with one of the team, call us or drop us a message below.

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