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Utilising Google Shopping to its full potential can help you outrank your competitors. We’ll create shopping campaigns that drive traffic to your website and deliver profit.

Google Shopping: The Basics

Have you ever seen pictures of products you are searching for in Google and wondered how they got there? This is Google Shopping. Your success as an online retailer hinges on your ability to attract new customers at an acceptable cost. Google Shopping ads are one of the leading traffic sources that can give you an edge and visibility in a competitive retail marketplace. Flow want you to see the potential this holds for delivering sales online.

At Flow, we can help with your first or ongoing campaigns whether you are a small start-up looking to create some early sale, or an experienced retailer looking to make savings on your campaign.

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How it Works

Google Shopping is set up using two functions. Google AdWords and Google Merchant Center. Google Merchant Center is where your product feed is updated and managed on a daily basis in a format Google can process. AdWords is where your shopping campaigns are based and where you’ll set your budget for each line, manage your max spend, refine data, and make optimisations based on performance.

The management of Google Shopping ads has quite a few differences in comparison to the standard text ads. With text ads (Google AdWords), you’re creating ad groups and strategies focussed around the terms you believe people are bidding on. With Google Shopping, Google determines when your product appears. They consider the quality of your site and related searches to determine when to display.

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Making a Profit

Let’s say you are a company in the sports retail industry who is looking to sell clothing and equipment online. Using our internal tools, we will work with you to calculate what cost per sale is acceptable, to deliver a profit on each line. We then run this process through your entire campaign to deliver a formula for profitable lines and maximise spend on those lines to deliver the highest profit possible.

Our success as an agency only comes through delivering you profit. Best of all, it is fully trackable, which makes it one of the easiest cost-justifiable methods of market available on the marketplace.

Interested to find out how Flow can help with your Google Shopping campaign? Contact us today and drop us a message below or even call one of our team.

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