Paid Search

Paid search is one of the greatest methods to bring people onto your website. We’ll reach the people interested in your services and generate more leads to your website.

Paid Search Explained

At Flow, we love paid search, and if you’re advertising online – you should too. Paid search is an integral process in your digital marketing strategy, allowing you to improve ROI and get ahead of your competitors.

If you’re looking to attract more visitors to your website, convert sales and generate revenue – paid search will do that, and we can help.

  • Highly targeted pay-per-click advertising
  • Rich text and image ads with a fast ROI
  • Adaptive budget in line with your goals
  • Find new opportunities
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Get Found Online

Paid advertising is one of the best ways to introduce people to your brand. Even if you’re doing a good job at ranking in the search engines for certain key phrases, there’ll always be terms where you rank below your competitors. It could be even worse, and you don’t appear at all. This is where paid advertising can save the day.

  • Reach the most likely people that want to hear from you with audience matching
  • Re-engage and persuade people who have visited you before
  • Optimising your pages for PPC often improves natural ranking

And Find your Customers

With our paid search campaigns, we don’t send just anybody your way; we find the people most likely to buy and introduce you to them. We’ll optimise your site so it can compete with your competitors, and we’ll create tailored campaigns for the right people.

We’ll continue to measure the paid search campaigns to ensure they’re driving the results we all want to see. We’ll look at the paid search content, to make certain it is directed at your audience, and we’ll use a range of tools to analyse the costs and keep a control on your budget. Whether you need to improve product sales, increase event sign-ups or get people to pick up the phone, we can help. Just drop us a message below or give us a call, and we can discuss your PPC aims.

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