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Flow’s Favourite to Worst Christmas Campaigns of 2016

Find out our most to least favourite Christmas campaigns this year, here at Flow. From ‘John Lewis’ to ‘Coca-Cola’ and everything in between.

1. John Lewis Christmas Advert 2016 – Dog On A Trampoline

So, you hear John Lewis, you automatically think of their annual Christmas adverts, right?The tagline at the end of this year’s ‘Buster the Boxer’ ad says “gifts that everyone will love”, this certainly applies to the dog on the trampoline, not something you see every day but if he’s having fun, I say let him!

As well as making us fall in love with this bundle of joy on the trampoline, you can also buy plush toys, slippers, pyjamas and other ‘Buster and friends’ merchandise.

buster the boxer and friends merch

(Source: metro.co.uk)

Dogs React Videos: If you haven’t seen the advert, you must have seen the dog reaction videos? Such a laugh and a must watch!


2. M&S – Meet Mrs Claus

M&S Mrs Claus

(Source: youtube.com)

M&S have gone for something new this year. Usually, their adverts show their ‘indulgent’ selection of food, but this year we get the exclusive: meet Mrs Claus! She just looks like she shops at M&S, let’s be honest.

The fact she helps a young boy find the perfect present for his big sister is just adorable and what we want to see from the Jolly man’s other-half. It gives us a warm feeling inside, which is definitely what you want at this time year. Don’t you just love the feeling of making someone else happy?


3. Starbucks – Donate 5p to charity when you buy a festive drink

Starbucks festive, holiday season drinks are back and with every festive drink purchase, you are donating 5p to charity. Did you know that? I didn’t when I bought my festive coffee a few days ago. What better time to get people to donate to charity than Christmas when everyone is feeling the love of giving to others; It just makes you feel good doesn’t it?


4. Aldi – Kevin the Carrot

Music from ‘Home Alone’, a line from a classic Christmas children’s book, how much more Christmassy can you get? A carrot on a quest to meet Santa maybe?

Well, that’s exactly Aldi’s Christmas advert this year. Kevin, (another ‘Home Alone’ reference possibly) has to get to Santa’s plate on the opposite side of the kitchen in time to meet Santa. When he finally gets there, he falls asleep tired out from all of the obstacles he passes on the way. When he wakes, guiding Santa’s sleigh, in front of the reindeer.

Aldi Kevin the carrot

(source: youtube.com)

One thing I noticed; you don’t see the Aldi logo until the end of the advert so it seems more like a general Christmas reminder in my opinion. It might not be particularly good in terms of advertising.


5. Google – Santa Tracker – Track Santa in a Countdown to Christmas

The Google ‘Santa Tracker’ is for kids, it has a countdown which tells you when Santa ‘takes off’. The site also has an advent calendar which reveals a new game each day. The games are educational, without you even realising but fun at the same time.

Google Santa's tracker
(source: santatracker.google.com)


6. Lidl Twitter Campaign – #Lidl Surprises

Have you heard of #LidlSurprise on twitter? Well, this Christmas the more you tweet about a certain product, the cheaper it will be. I think this is a great idea! You can’t say you don’t love a discount.

For example, the Serrano Ham was one product they had on the price slice, so all you do is tweet something like “Slice the price #SerranoHam #LidlSurprises” and the more it’s tweeted, the more the price will drop.


7. Coca-Cola – Christmas Truck!

If not this year, then you’ve seen the past Coca-Cola Christmas adverts with the big read truck sharing a bottle of coke with everyone. You know the one? Well, this year the advert is different… Instead of the classic Coca-Cola truck, a young boy gives out bottles of coke to people who need cheering up. The advert still has the iconic ‘Santa drinking a bottle of coke’ at the end but where is the truck?

There is another advert running alongside it. However, this looks too familiar. Isn’t this the same one we’ve seen on our screens since 2010? I mean repetition can be good for advertising but using the same advert, that’s just plain laziness!


2010 coca cola truck ad

(2010 – Coca-Cola Truck Advert – Source: youtube.com)

2016 coca cola truck ad

(2016 – Coca-Cola Truck Advert – Source: youtube.com)

See the difference? Other than the newest being in HD, nothing. Right? The same boy, the same truck. The same video!

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